This blog is written by Todd Tucker, a writer and researcher on global governance issues.

My CV is here.

I’m a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, and was a Gates Scholar at the University of Cambridge’s Centre of Development Studies. Prior to this, I spent a decade as a researcher and advisor on service trade and investment policy to governments, media outlets, foundations and civil society organizations at Public Citizen and the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

I’ve written over 100 publications and 700 blog posts. My work has been cited hundreds of times in some of the world’s top popular and academic outlets, including the New York Times, Financial Times, and the Journal of International Economic Law. I have testified before numerous U.S. and international legislative and executive bodies. Please visit my SSRN page for a selection of my academic writing. Blog writing can be found at www.toddntucker.com.

For an introduction to the content of this blog, see the first two posts here and here.



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  1. Hi

    I have this blog, holkapolka.com and I would love if you could link to it from yours.

    Andreas K H

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