#TPP Text in a Single PDF

Were you excited when the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) text was released last month, but bummed that it came in 31 separate PDFs?

For your CTRL-F’ing pleasure, please find all 30 chapters (plus the preamble): TPP Full Text All Chapters in a single PDF document.

There are a great many country-specific add-on documents. For the TPP annexes on non-conforming measures for investment, services, financial services, and state-owned enterprises, click here for the TPP NCMs full text PDF.

If anyone wants to compile the country-specific documents for Chapters 2 (tariffs), 3 (rules of origin), 4 (textiles and apparel), 12 (temporary entry of business people), 15 (government procurement), or 19 (labor), I am happy to link to them. Just ping me. The tariff schedules in particular are massive, so I don’t want them eating up my storage space.

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