Trump’s VP Pick His Opposite on Trade

Donald Trump is set to announce Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate in a news conference tomorrow.

The media is just beginning to parse the two men’s similarities and differences on policy. Trump has never held elected office, while Pence served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013.

One of Trump’s leading policy issues is his rejection of current trade agreements. This has put him at sharp odds with Republican campaign donors, a distinction he appears to relish.

On this issue, Pence is Trump’s opposite. While in the House, he supported every trade deal he voted on. Combined with key procedural votes, that’s a 100% track record (13/13 votes) of supporting the legacy trade policy that Trump is running against. Even when some Tea Party Republicans voted against recent trade agreements supported by President Obama, Pence crossed the aisle.

For those looking to cast doubts on Trump’s sincerity on trade policy, Pence’s voting record may provide ammunition:

  1. Voted for Fast Track.
  2. Voted for Chile FTA.
  3. Voted for Singapore FTA.
  4. Voted for Australia FTA.
  5. Voted for Morocco FTA.
  6. Voted against withdrawing from the WTO.
  7. Voted for CAFTA. Abstained on the Bahrain FTA.
  8. Voted for Oman FTA.
  9. Voted for Peru FTA.
  10. Voted against cancelling Fast Track.
  11. Voted for Obama’s Colombia FTA.
  12. Voted for Obama’s Panama FTA.
  13. Voted for Obama’s Korea FTA.

UPDATE: Jay Chittooran and I share a brain, apparently. He wrote a very similar post a few hours earlier – catching some Pence statements. Check it out here.

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