A busy month of writing

I’ve had a busy month publishing a number of pieces, many of which I’ve forgotten to reference in this space.

First, the Roosevelt Institute published a report I’ve been working on for many months “The Sustainable Equitable Trade Doctrine.” It attempts to move the trade policy conversation out of the stalemate it is often in, and looks to new frontiers for international cooperation. Foreign policy geeks may enjoy the deep dive on the history of judicialization of international economic relations: Wilson! Taft! Truman! The gang’s all there.

Second, I’ve written some follow on pieces for Roosevelt Institute’s blog, including one last week that looks at how NAFTA renegotiation might actually work, and another today that looks at some of the quandaries around how and when to use tariffs.

Finally, I guest blogged at the Duck of Minerva site on Monday. I tried to connect some common threads I saw between three recent legal decisions: the U.S. decision on Trump’s second travel ban, an ISDS decision on patents (Eli Lilly v. Canada), and a WTO decision against Washington State’s Boeing subsidies.


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