Noble man

Today, a man who had a profound formative impact on my life passed. His name was Jason Noble, and he was a Louisville-based musician in the era-defining bands Rodan, Rachels, and Shipping News.

After the early years of alternative rock but before the Pitchfork era, there were a number of U.S. cities – including Louisville, Washington, D.C., and Olympia, Washington – where vast numbers of young musicians took the best of DIY punk energy and turned it towards more thoughtful meditations on power, love, and the darker sides of life. Much more so than in the music world of today, there were strong city-specific identities in these scenes.

Jason was a leading light of this world, and I was fortunate enough to have seen various of his bands play in Louisville, D.C. and in England. Although I was never at the center of these (often turfy) scenes, Jason was always super-kind. I remember spending half an hour with him at All Tomorrows Parties in the UK in April 2002 catching Cheap Trick and Zeni Geva. He also was a super thoughtful neighbor to my parents.

Jeffrey Lee Puckett of the Louisville Courier-Journal has Jason’s obituary. He will be missed.

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