Kenyan Anti-Colonial Behavior v. Paul Ryan

I was just waiting for this: the Tom Morello column against Paul Ryan’s love of Rage Against the Machine. Here’s a quote:

Rage’s music affects people in different ways. Some tune out what the band stands for and concentrate on the moshing and throwing elbows in the pit. For others, Rage has changed their minds and their lives. Many activists around the world, including organizers of the global occupy movement, were radicalized by Rage Against the Machine and work tirelessly for a more humane and just planet. Perhaps Paul Ryan was moshing when he should have been listening.

I think Tom could have actually gone beyond a Rolling Stone column on this. I bet it was the one time when the NYT might have published something he wrote.

He could have repped the real Kenyan anti-colonial behavior, not the “Kenyan anti-colonial behavior”-lite you get from today’s Democratic Party. When the people have a choice between lite and the real deal, they’re going to always choose the real deal, right? (Another week out of work, another week that I’m gladly losing touch with American politricks.)

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